Thursday, April 10, 2008

Late Night Work.... >_<

Hi guys, lately i'm quite busy about my work... no time, lazy, busy are my excuses for blogging....
Why I work so late??? Because of the stupid machine, so many problems... been tuning a lot to keep the machine MTBA (Mean Time Between Assist) work for more than 1 hour. *That's our machine bottom neck specifications, it is a must...*

I've been working more than 24 hours non-stop since last week. So far my records work non-stop without sleep is about 31hours & 20 minutes. This work is not fun for being the machine having the problems and problems. After solving the problems for the specific location, another problems is occuring, until today, the problems still un-solve... and now.. i'm still working on it...

Below shows that my working hours since last weeks...:-
1st April @ 8:10am ~ 2nd April @ 3:30pm (31hrs & 20 mins)
3rd April @ 8:10am ~ 4th April @ 9:00am (24hrs & 50 mins)
5th April @ 8:10am ~ 6th April @ 12:00pm (27hrs & 50 mins)
6th April @ 9:00pm ~ 7th April @ 1:00am (4hrs)
(Back early, Monday have to go to office @ 8:30am)
7th April @ 8:15am ~ 8th April @ 10:00am (25hrs & 45 mins)
(Birthday also have to work... sob sob T^T)
9th April @ 8:10am ~ 10th April @ 12:00pm (27hrs & 50 mins)
(Hope I can go back on the above mentioned time)

The machine has been pending for the late shipment for more than 1 months... whose fault on this? Can't blame people much on this, but still can blame about the machine design...

This machine might ship out on next Monday, hopefully everything can be solved on that time and i really really hope the machine stability can meet my expectation.
(My expectation is the MTBA can hit more than 2 hrs without an alarm)

God Bless!!!! >_<;


Blogger kxin said...

busy guy..... wanna open factorty d :P

April 10, 2008 at 1:42 PM  

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