Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Changi Airport, Singapore

Yesterday I was from Penang International Airport, take Singapore Airline (SQ) to Changi Airport, Singapore and then transit to Japan by Japan Airline (JAL).

When I've reached Changi Airport, that was my 2nd time stepped into Singapore land. The first time is when I was 5 yrs old, total 20 years ago. It's not consider much about Singapore, but just the airport.

Changi Airport has seperated into 3 terminals, T1, T2, and T3. T3 is the latest newest terminal. I've not been there yet as when I knew it that time, it's too late for me to find out. I will snap some photos the next trip as I've forgot to bring my new camera. I did bring my another digital camera, unfortunately, the memory card has some problems and all my photos was deleted. When I've reach the airport, I was in T2, and I went to T1 for transit. Inside the airport, it's much beautiful than KLIA (for my opinion).

I've noticed that inside the airport, have a lots of Free Internet Zone, which with PC there. Every login only have 15 minutes duration. Once the time over, you may re-login again.

Not only 2 PCs, but each Internet Zone have 10~12PCs.

Time remaining 09:04, once press "Log out" you can re-login again.
(** I'm shouting at ShoutOut that time, hehe...**)

Of course there are Free Wireless for Laptop as well.

*Tadaaa* "Laptop Access" Zone, this one don't have laptop provided, have to use your own Laptop. This place is to let you to charge up your battery.

See, show you the information plate as well...

My rating for Changi Airport is VERY GOOD, except for the foods. Singapore dollar is expensive for Malaysian... >.<" (The currency rates are S$1 = RM2.33, 22/04/08). So, next time I will take SQ to Singapore for sure than MAS to KLIA. Another different is, MAS let you eat salty peanut and let you become NUTs later on. hahaha.... But for SQ, they give you a pie and drinks. (I know the airfares are different, I'm comparing the food leh...)

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