Sunday, April 13, 2008


Just now went to Pragin Mall with JJ, we go makan then shopping for my long pants... We went to eat "Wong Kok" the service is very bad there, but I sitll like the "Dan Tart" and "Poh Loh Yao", I ordered 4 pcs of "Dan Tart" and 1 piece of "PLY". Of course JJ ordered his "Fried Rice"... We half eat half listen to the songs from the bottom there... bottom means ground floor...

There is a show which organized by, the new band from KL or where, not sure... The group name is Manhand. At first JJ said the group was like "Manhard"... hehe.... because the wallpaper at the board is hard to read the wording as well... I also read as "Manhard", but at last we heard they say the group name is Manhand... Manhand in chinese call Man's hand right?, but the actual chinese name for the Manhand is 【慢行】. I'd taken some pictures from 2nd / 3rd floor, with K800i... paiseh, no camera and the quality is a bit cacat...

Manhand singing on the stage at Pragin Mall...

Sorry, cant take a front view of Von's picture... hahaha...

The group of Manhand contains 6 people... 5 leng chai (MC Bee, MC Kit, MC Toy, Daeren, DJ Point) and 1 leng lui (Von)!!!

Anyway, I'm not familiar with them, but I think they are quite new... We will just support them to be more popular in the future!!!




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