Tuesday, April 29, 2008

My Lunch!

Early in the morning, I'd drink a small cup of green tea from company during meeting with customer. The green tea is Japan original green tea. ^^
(looks very nice in the picture...)
In the afternoon, my japanese colleague brought me and 2 customer went to Volk's Restaurant for lunch. Each of us ordered a set of meal, everyone ordered rice set and I'm the only one ordered for bread set.
You can refill your bread once u finish it. There is a bread corner, self service.

My two customer no eat vegie, they said they will skip for the salad section.
Just my colleague and me, went to take salad, and my portion is more than his one.

For the drink, I've ordered "kocha (紅茶) and the waitress ask me a lot of favors...
I just request for lemon, and others I cant get what she talk...
**my japanese language still very cacat (poof)...**
~ This is my main course, I've forgot the dish called what... ~
But there are potatos, green nut vegie (don't know call what), Hambagu and the saurce.
** Not sure Hambagu 's english named as what also. **
**** Hambagu = ハムバーグ ****

WOW!!!! Looks nice but a bit oily >.<; still very good for taste.

I've cut it into small pieces to eat...

Want to try a bit??? hehehe...
This is a very nice food and worth to eat!!!!

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